Concealed Carry

Cane & Derby is proud to offer a wide variety of the latest technological advancements in Kydex concealed carry gear. Concealed carry gear is possibly the most challenging type of equipment to design - it has to be fast, accessible, comfortable, light, and above all else, concealable. There are so many competitors in this industry that all make excellent gear that address most of those elements... but we believe that Cane & Derby is the first to address them all.

The most important feature of any good concealment holster - whether it be OWB (Outside Waist Band) or IWB (Inside Waist Band) - is that it be concealable. Cane & Derby's engineers have worked to create the ultimate level of concealment from each style of Pardus holster. Every angle has been considered for the optimal amount of tucking in each direction. From the inward cant of the stock to the offset pull of the rear, each of these angles plays its part in creating the ultimate concealed-carry platform. Frankly put: printing is for the birds.

The Pardus concealment line was named for the Leo Pardus - the Leopard - for its speed from concealment. Stealth, speed, and smooth grace are the inspiring elements behind the design of the Pardus line. Every holster is hand-crafted to exacting specifications - no holster that fails to meet these specifications will leave the CDI shop. Every angle is calculated, every aspect is ensured for maximum efficiency of motion. The ride height was specifically developed to provide a natural draw motion, comfortable and fast. CDI belt loops are unique to the industry and patent-pending, providing a stable, flat-riding platform that keeps the holster exactly where you want it, every single time you reach for your weapon, mag, or light. Our finishing process is unique and very particular, giving Cane & Derby holsters a polished, elegant feel.

No other thermoplastic concealment holster quite compares to the Pardus. Whether it be for competition or a life-threatening dynamic situation, the Pardus is the holster that performs every time.

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  1. A complete set of replacement hardware for your Cane & Derby belt loops

    Extra Mounting Hardware


    Spare mounting hardware, one complete set to attach two belt loops to one holster. Learn More
  2. Cane and Derby Inside Waist Band kevlar reinforced belt loops

    IWB Reinforced Kevlar Belt Loops


    Perfect for anyone looking for an easy on, easy off solution for their Pardus, Kydex holsters. These pull the dot one way snaps attach in minutes to your existing holster platform and provide a comfortable and quick attachment method for running the CDI holster bodies as inside the waistband weapons carriage devices. Set of 2. Learn More
  3. OWB Cantiloop Belt Loops

    OWB Cantiloop Belt Loops


    Replacement Belt Loops for the Pardus Series of OWB holsters. Available in all sizes. Learn More
  4. Pardus Double Magazine Carrier

    Pardus Double Magazine Carrier


    You've been asking for it, and here it is: the Pardus double magazine carrier! Now you can carry two magazines in a single compact carrier design. Learn More
  5. Cane and Derby Full Size Pardus Kydex Holster for Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm

    Pardus Full Cut Holster


    Pardus Kydex Holsters feature full coverage of your firearm and the closest-riding, most concealable Kydex holster on the market.

    The Pardus is the most flexible Kydex holster of its design, offering both IWB (Inside Waist Band) and OWB (Outside Waist Band) configurations. It is equally at home in either position and will accept nearly any of Cane and Derby's many mounting accessories and systems. The Pardus is a full-cut holster, wrapping your firearm completely in genuine Kydex brand thermoplastic for maximum comfort and protection in a custom fit.

    Learn More
  6. Pardus Low Profile Light Carrier

    Pardus Low Profile Light Carrier


    The lowest profile light carrier designed to carry your non lethal illumination device. Perfect for every day, comfortable carry. Learn More
  7. Pardus Low Profile Pistol Magazine Carrier

    Pardus Low Profile Pistol Magazine Carrier


    Spare pistol ammunition carriers.

    Important Notes:

    All magazine carriers are rounds-forward, unless requested otherwise. If you're unsure what this means, contact us and we'll be happy to help you choose exactly what you need.

    All color selections will come in thicker medium grade Kydex. If you are looking for the most concealable pouch in the industry please see the Pardus Kydex Magazine Carrier SSL (Super Slim Line) Edition.

    If selecting the Quick On/Off Cantiloops your Pardus Kydex Magazine Carrier will ship with these attachments instead of the standard solid belt loops.

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice

    Learn More
  8. Pardus Rifle Magazine Carrier

    Pardus Rifle Magazine Carrier


    Pardus Rifle Magazine Carrier for major platforms and magazine styles. Learn More
  9. Glock 17 in a Pardus Slide-Cut Kydex Holster

    Pardus Slide Cut Holster


    Based on the extremely successful Pardus full-cut holster design, and integrating all the advantages of the Pardus product line, the Pardus slide-cut gives the user the flexibility to run multiple frame-length guns of the same model in one holster. Quite a few CDI staffers run Smith & Wesson M&P, Glock and even some different-length 1911's. For the sake simplicity, our guys sometimes prefer to take one holster to a class or competition that'll work for several different guns, just in case. Perhaps you own a Glock 17 and a Glock 19, and would like a holster that accommodates both? Perhaps you simply appreciate the simple minimalist beauty of a slide-cut holster? Either way, the Pardus slide-cut is exactly what you're looking for. The Pardus slide-cut kydex holster has the ability to accept any length slide and barrel combination for most manufacturers without sacrificing all of the qualities that make the Pardus line of holsters so beloved. Customers have used our slide-cut for OWB and IWB carry and the Pardus slide-cut kydex holster will accept any of our modular belt loops and attachment points. If you have questions as to whether a slide-cut holster will work for you, please don't hesitate to contact CDI for more information. Learn More
  10. The PIC System Holster in AIWB (Appendix Carry) Configuration

    PIC (Practical Internal Carry) System Kydex Holster


    The Cane & Derby PIC System Holster. The most comfortable and concealable appendix carry rig on the market. New geometry and heaping handfuls of science (and math!) have been liberally applied to the PIC System, along with all the user feedback gathered since the release of the original Pardus Appendix Holster, to create one of the most innovative and effective AIWB holsters on the market.

    Please note: All orders for Pardus Appendix Holsters placed after January 5th, 2012 will be automatically converted to PIC System holsters. All pending orders for Pardus Appendix Holsters will be automatically upgraded/converted to PIC System Holsters, unless the customer notifies us that they wish to keep their order for an original Pardus Appendix Holster. All models supported by the Pardus Appendix Holster are available in the PIC System.

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice

    Learn More

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